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Feature idea: End user feedback stars


I was talking with my partner about how great HelpSpot is shaping up to be, and she had what I think is a fabulous idea, and I thought I’d share it with you.

End user ‘star’ feedback

When a support item is closed, the email notification that goes to the end user would include a series of “star” rating hyperlinks (1-5), allowing them to very easily provide a rating of their experience. Maybe 5 stars, prominently displayed in the email message.

The star score would then get attached to the ticket, and be available for display in the grid, and reporting. This would take a bit to implement, I suspect, but it sure seems like it would be an awesome way to keep track of things - after all, the reason we are using HelpSpot is to provide exceptional customer service - having a way to measure the customer’s end perception of that service would be highly valuable.


Great to hear!

Yes, some type of feedback system is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It’s not coming near term, but is very likely to be added eventually.


I would love to see any kind of feedback system.
Meanwhile I direct users to an external survey.