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Feature: Provide Context in User responses


I’ve gotten feedback from a number of users since we rolled out HelpSpot, that they’d like more context in the email messages they get from HelpSpot (when we do a Public Update). Since they get the responses as email, they have an expectation that the response contains some context, like an email reply would.

There doesn’t seem to be an obvious(ly simple) way to do this. I’ve thought of a few:

  1. Have the Helpdesk Techs type some of the context in. That’s do-able, but not super-efficient. The Techs raise the same point that it should be ‘more like email’ by making it easy to include some context in the reply.

  2. Have a Subject field for each Request (auto-filled in the case of email request, automagically/manually filled in other cases), that could be used in the Public Update reply and/or as a Response Template variable.

  3. Provide a button on the Update form that the Tech can click on to include the original user request (and/or maybe the last update from the user) in ‘email-reply’ format (each line prefaced with ‘>’, etc).

Don’t know if any of these are a viable way to address this feedback.


I’m a bit confused. Your public emails should be going out with context. If you go to Admin->Tools->Email Templates the first box is public notes. One of the variables is LASTCUSTOMEREMAIL. Perhaps that’s been removed? If it has put it back in and the last email will be inserted into the request with the ‘>’ and all that.

Also there is a subject field when you send public notes or are you looking for some type of subject field which is embeded in the email? The subject field is there even if the request doesn’t originate from email.

I might not be clear on what you’re looking for so please let me know if I’m off base.


OK, hadn’t looked at those, will play with them.