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Feature Request: Add BCC To Mailbox Configuration



Much like the Global BCC, do you think it would be possible to do a mailbox specific BCC? For example MailboxA I want mailing-listA to be BBC’d on all outgoing emails, and MailboxB I want mailing-listB to be BCC’d.

I tried doing this will mail rules, but you can only send to contacts which makes it so I have to have a user entry for each person, some of these people are product and sales people who just want to see what kind of requests are coming in for that specific product/category.



Hi Josh,

Mailbox specific BCCing would add more complexity to the UI for mailboxes than we’d probably like to (it’s a little to complex in there already). What about using the global BCC and then in their mail clients they can filter them based on the FROM to only see the ones their interested in and can the others.

Another idea which is cleaner would be to use our web service API to build a report that they can either view online or which you’d email to them.