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Feature Request "Addressbook"


First I would like to compliment you with this great application.

The only thing I’m missing is an addressbook when you update a reques.

Our company takes care of the support question for numerous other company’s. therefore it is often necessary to forward incomming requests to other external persons. At the moment we can send an external note but we have to retype the emailaddress every time.
It would be great if there was a possibility to select a recipiant from an addressbook.

Thanks in advance.

Martijn Gregoire

Relate4u BV
Simplify Media Complexity


To add to this, if you’re looking at an address book, how about a “list” for the address book as well. For instance if we’re always forwarding off to the same folks, instead of having to select each one from the address book, we can select 1 “list” that would then send the external to all the addresses associated with that list.



Thanks Martijn! Some type of address book or at least memory of previous emails sent to is something we’re looking at for a future release.

Brandon, we’ll take a look at lists as well.