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Feature Request - Assign Two Staff to One Ticket

I’ve had it come up many times where it would be useful to have more than one staff assigned to a single ticket. I know a staffer can Subscribe to a ticket but that doesn’t really achieve the same thing.

Single assignment is one of the core philosophical elements of HelpSpot so this probably isn’t something we’ll be adding. However, we try not to be completely closed minded on these things so we’ll give this some thought.

In the meantime, depending on your exact need it might be possible to build effective workarounds using custom fields and filters. Perhaps a custom field that’s simply specifically a list of staff for secondary assignment and then staff have filters for their secondary assignments.

In filter conditions it’s possible to build a filter that uses the currently logged in user as who’s assigned letting you build a single filter that could be used by all staff since it’s relative to the logged in user.

Thanks Ian. I think having the ability to create sub-tickets would mostly negate the need to have a single ticket assigned to more than one staffer because you could break up individual tasks.


I would like this in the future as well
Hope you will considder it to implamte in the new release.

Thats more easy then create some filters to get this