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Feature request - business hours


I’m trying to create automation rules that email the assigned staffer when cases go stale for 4 hours (last public update was from customer, and it’s been at least 4 hours since an update). This works fine except for after hours and weekends, where the staffer will come in to a cluttered inbox and therefore begin ignoring those emails because they are mostly meaningless.

Can business hour rules be built into HelpSpot? For example, a system setting to say we are open M-F 9-5, and then an automation rule for “at least 4 business hours since last update” ?


Hi Mark,

Adding something like that is definitely being considered for a future release.


I would also be very interested in this feature…



What about just running those custom rules during your business hours? For instance, I have after hours staff whom I need to be notified from 6p-11p. So instead of sending them an SMS every time a message comes in, I have a custom rule for each one and run the tasks individually and schedule them for the time I was looking for (ie 6p-11p).

So for your example, you would create the task, then have task2.php?id=2 for instance.

Would that not accommodate what you are wanting to do?