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Feature Request: Column widths, sorting and filtering in the Request History


Hi Ian,

Something my customer has asked about is the ability to either filter or sort the list of requests when they login to view the Request History on the Portal. I’ve customised the Request History page to display a couple of custom fields as well as the Open/Closed status of the requests.

Also, is there any way to adjust the column widths on the Request History page? You mentioned in a separate thread that this was coming in the next release - will it extend to the Request History page?


Paul Hobbs


Hi Paul,

If you mean column widths in the portal it won’t affect that. You would need to manually edit the widths of the table just as you have to add the custom fields.

There’s not a way to directly adjust the sort order currently. You could though take the requestHistoryData loop and put the information into an array, then sort it. Either hard code it or add some sorting links to allow user sorting.