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Feature Request - Count links inside ticket and move to spam


I have a request, if you were able to auto-move any ticket containing more than a specific amount of links (defined by user) directly into the spam folder (for training) this would be a great feature I think. Most spam we receive always has links in it, and hardly any request that are legit contain links.

Another great feature to add along side of this one would be to display a message at the form not to submit any links in the request.


Hi Erik,

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll put this down for consideration. Such a feature is already there for the portal (Admin->Settings->Portal), but not for the email spam system. The filter does take links into account, but not by count just by what they link to at this time.

As for the message you could certainly add such a message by modifying the portal templates. The one you’d want to edit would be request.tpl.php