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Feature request: Custom description


I just started the 45 day trial, and already bumped into one missing feature issue: not having the ability to add custom description texts/html, depending on the request category a user selected. I see it’s possible to create custom fields which can be liked to categories (which is a big plus), so why not having an extra ‘html’ option there, which allows us to explain & spice up any information we want to show extra to the end user, but which isn’t related to a field.

From our past ticket experience, we know that a lot of people create tickets without doing any research first. Having the ability to explain things inside the ticket form, would safe us a lot of time and tickets.

Is this easy to implement by ourselves? Or will we have to wait forever until it might become an actual feature?


Hi Peter,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Do you mean an area on the web portal form where next to the field name would be a secondary piece of text that provides more description of the field?

If so you can do that now, it’s just not built in. You can modify any template in the portal including the request.tpl.php where all the HTML for that form lives. So you can simply edit the form and add in more descriptive info for each one.

More on editing templates: