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Feature Request - Different Auto-Responses based on buisness hours



I was wondering if in the next release we could have the ability for an automated response to be send to the customer if a ticket was created or updated outside of the set business hours (Admin -> Settings -> Business Hours).

For example, Our help desk is only actively manned from 9am - 5:30 EST M-F, and we have engineers take turns for after hours support. It would be nice if there were a setting that would allow me to create a canned-response telling the client that if the matter is urgent, please call the support line and leave a message for the on-call engineer otherwise the issue will be responded to the next business day.

Right now, I can do this with an automated task and a couple of windows scheduled tasks. But it would be nice to have this built into HelpSpot.


Yes, the way you mention would be the way currently. We’ll consider something like this for a future release though.


Was this feature ever deployed? I’m searching through the Help system and can’t see any related updates. Actually, I can’t find many details attached to “business hours” at all.


This can be done but in a way that’s a bit different than you might think. Triggers have an option that says if they run all the time, inside business hours, or outside business hours.

You could create a trigger that works for new requests outside business hours and sends the email in a customer reply action.

You’ll want to have your business hours set in admin-settings-business hours.


I see your solution. What about the “automated” e-mails that go out when a request is created? The “Request Created by Portal Form” one. While we could send a 2nd e-mail to our customers, it would be nice to not be so spammy. :slight_smile:


Sure, just turn those off in Admin-settings-portal-Portal Request Form Auto Reply