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Feature Request - Easier merging


Our requests are a little different than one person sending in a request and multiple support staff responding and solving. One person sends it in, but CC’s about 3 other people which reply and add their input to the request. Of course, these come with not ID in the subject line so end up in the queue.

I then spend alot of time merging these requests in the correct order to get a full picture of what ALL of them are wanting. Especially when I am away from the HelpSpot for a few days and requests begin to pile up.

Not sure of the best way to do this, but it would be real nice if HelpSpot could cross-reference other requests in the system by items in the subject line. Like click on a term in the subject line of a request and get a listing of all the requests with that term in the subject line. Then with check boxes to select requests and merge them in the order received.

Right now I am setting up temp filters to hold the similiar subject lines until I get them all merged together, then delete the filter.

Hope you get an idea of my challenge here.

Let me know if this has been thought of or anywhere near an implementation.

Thanks for all you do!

David W.


Hi David,

Thanks for the idea. We’re looking at adding group merging in a future release which should make this easier. That in combination with adding the subject line to your filters would probably let you quickly merge them together.

That feature probably won’t be until version 3, but at least it’s on the list!