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Feature request -- Has reminder flag


It would be useful (to me), if when setting up a filter, there was a column for reminders under ‘Set Columns To Display’. The idea would be to display a flag or even the next reminder date on the filters workspace view.

I have a category of requests called prospects. This is for people that contact me for a project proposal. Once I submit the proposal, I add a reminder to that request to follow up on it. Currently I have to click every request to see if a reminder is set. Ideally I would like to see if from the overview page.

Make sense?


Sure, that makes perfect sense. I’ll add it to the list of ideas to consider in a future release.


jpep I was just about to submit this feature but you already did! (back in 06).

Here is our Use Case:
We have SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) where we need to respond to requests within x hours or days and then follow up every x hours or days.

So we set a reminder to make sure that we follow up in that time-frame. However you need to drill into the request to see that the reminder icon is green (means a reminder is set). It would be nice to see in the list view for this Queue which requests have a reminder set on them and which do not.

Perhaps you could simply show the existing reminder icon and either gray (none) or green (has one) like it is on the request.


An oldie but a goodie! OK, we’ll give this another look.