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Feature request: Multiple assignments or ticket following


Hi Userscape crew,

I’m wishing we were able to have multiple assignments for a ticket and/or the ability to “follow” a ticket. For example, if a support tech escalates a ticket to me, I’d like it if the ticket still appeared in his queue so that he can see how I replied to the ticket, without me having to reassign the ticket back to him, which seems a bit clunky.

It would also be nice to be able to follow a ticket. For example, if I (as a manager) would like to keep tabs on a particular ticket, either because of escalation or for some other reason, I could be notified of changes in a ticket just as if I were assigned, but the ticket is still assigned to a regular support rep.

ActiveCollab, which we use for internal project management, has a concept of subscribers for tickets (and other objects), in case that’s useful for comparison.


Hi Max,

Yes, HelpSpot also has subscribers! If you view a ticket that is not yours you’ll see the subscribe button to the right of the update and update/close buttons (assuming you’re on V3).

Other people can also assign you when using the notify feature of the request notes.

Multiple assignment isn’t something we’ll be adding as you then lose the clarity of who is in fact responsible for something but when you reply if you use notify (just below the request note box) you can send the person you’d like to see your answer an email with it (and also subscribe them if you like).


Oh man, I cannot believe I did not see that Subscribe button!

Thanks for implementing a feature request before I’d even thought of requesting it.