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Feature request: provide certain staff options in email notifications


I would love to see these links optionally implemented in email notifications for Helpspot staff:

  • Close Request
  • Move to Trash
  • Mark as Spam | Add sender to junk list
  • Assign to Staff 1 / Staff 2
  • Take the request

We’re dealing with a lot of spam, requests that should be trashed immediately, and requests which could actually be taken care of with a single click.

At the moment the workflow to trash a request for example is like this:

  1. Request comes in via email (read: on iPhone), we click on View complete request link
  2. Trashing the request at the Manage Request page is not possible, we have to go to the inbox and lookup the request there before we can actually trash it.

The above workflow is actually worse when trying to handle the request on an iPhone (especially because our lengthy passwords are not being stored at the login form).

Why not include the mentioned option links at the bottom of a notification email, in a way that the links themselves are securely hashed so they can only be used once, not guessed, and the click itself doesn’t require a login to the admin pages (maybe a simple confirmation YES/NO to prevent accidental clicks).

Just a thought, it would save our staff a lot of time when being mobile, and would result in much faster handling of requests.


Spiceworks has a great implementation called tickets anywhere where you can add codes to the end of the email when replying like

#assign Tech2
#category Customer Support

it makes the simple things very simple, although you cant nearly do half as much with SW than you can with HS.


Thanks guys, we have some ideas in this space. We’ll definitely be adding some features in this area in a future release.