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[Feature request] Remind me my tickets


It would be nice to have a “Send me my ticket numbers by mail” functionality somewhere. I would put my email and HS would send me an mail with all ticket numbers / dates.


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Interesting idea. There’s definitely been feedback about coming up with a way for people to access a history of requests.

What about if you put in your email and HS sent the full public transcript of all requests to the email account? I like this idea, because the customer doesn’t care about accessing their requests at the website. Actually it’s probably better for them to have in in their email box where they can organize it, search for it later, etc.

Of course there’s still the issue of users who submit requests without an email, though this will probably be rare in the web based form.


“HS sent the full public transcript of all requests to the email account”

What exactly do you mean by that? Send me one email containing all that stuff, or multiple emails? That could be a problem if I am a long time customer with many requests in my history.

Personally, I would prefer just one email with a list of:
Request number
Date opened
and maybe the original request text


I suppose that’s true. I need to think about this issue a bit more. Perhaps there could be a configurable option that admins could enable which would let users access a list of their request by email or by customer ID.