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Feature Request: Sorting search results and spams


Sometimes I close a record and then go back to try and find it. I use the full keyword search for that. It would be REALLY nice if there was a way to click the date closed column to sort the most recently closed items to the top.

Second, everyone once in a while I go into the spam folder to verify spam is spam and delete it (you have an awesome spam engine – very accurate). It would be great if it would automatically sort spam by subject since I notice I get about 50 copies of each spam message. The subjects aren’t identical, but they’re 90%, so a fuzzy sorting algorithm would be needed. But scanning and confirming the spam would be SOOO easy if it grouped all the similar messages together – then I’d only need to check the very that only have 1 version of that subject.


Hi Doug,

In HS 2.7 there’s an advanced search tab in the search UI. You can do a full text search in there and set the sort order.

That’s an interesting idea on spam. We’ve never looked into that, but let me put it down for consideration.