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Feature request: Specify sender name without creating mailbox, automatically add customerinformation



I wish these features could be included in the next version of HelpSpot:

  1. Specify sender name without creating a mailbox. We are currently using only one mailbox, but we would like to have the option to send e-mails with the staff members name as the sender name.

  2. Automatically add customer information from live-lookup by using the customers e-mail address. This could be done with e-mail rules. Or maybe make it easier to use live-lookup by having AJAX-fields on the request page.


Hi Richard,

You can add additional mailbox for different send from names. They don’t have to be real mailboxes to work for send from information.

Live Lookup can add information based on email or any other information. Live Lookup does work via ajax currently on the request screen, I’m not sure what you mean.



My explanation was maybe a bit vague, but what I meant is that it should be possible to send an e-mail with the staff members name, with the reply-to address for the main support address. Internally we wish to send e-mail with “Support” as the senders name. Externally we wish to send e-mail with the staff members name, but have the replies sent to the main support address.

Live Lookup does not lookup customer names when you start typing in the fields on the request field. If we create a new request, we have to type in the customers name, click live lookup and then “insert information”. This would have been much more easier if we got suggestions in the customer name field, and HelpSpot inserted the customers information automatically in all the other fields.


Are you guys aware that there are placeholders for the assigned user and logged in users names in mailbox reply froms? That would let you do that, though you do need a mailbox they don’t apply to the general email integration smtp settings.


Yes, but I still don’t like the idea that you have to configure a new mailbox - thus creating errors from trying to connect to a nonexistant server every minute.


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