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Feature Request: Strip HTML from emails only


We prefer to keep HTML tags escaped only, to be able to see any HTML snippets our customers may present to us. However (my guess), when a customer replies by email using HTML formatting, it’s a mess of course.

Could we have an option to keep HTML escaped only in general, but maybe sense the ‘Content-Type: text/html’ header in incoming emails and auto-strip the tags from there? I assume HTML tags included in a HTML message already come escaped, so those could be preserved in turn.

Thanks for the session timeout config option in 1.2.0 BTW, you saved our customer support again! :slight_smile:


Hey Filip. Glad to hear you’re liking 1.2.0.

HelpSpot by default always tries to take the text/plain part of an email message. Most email clients will send a text/plain mime even if sending a text/html one as well so that text based clients still can show the email. However, some folks disable this feature so that only a text/html part is sent. That seems to be what you’re running into.

One bit of good news is that 1.2.0 is a bit better at picking up the text/plain even if it’s “hidden” (I’ll spare the ugly details). But you’re still likely to get pure HTML emails from time to time.

I’ll take a look into how we might be able to handle this situation better of only an HTML email is available and figure out what can be escaped vs removed, etc. The big downside is that it would probably require another setting and I’m a bit hesitant to add another setting. I’ll put this on the list though for some more research and see what we come up with.


Oh also did you check out the quoting feature yet and the batch assign to Inbox? I think you were looking for those. Also planning is under way for a quick assign feature that will let you assign many requests quickly from the queues.


Both are nice. And to your first reply, yes, it’s the case with HTML-only emails (regardless of how much I hate those). A way to convert those to plain text on arrival would be cool.