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Feature Request: Support Contracts


One of the biggest issues we run into is that we sell support contracts, for example, a client may buy 5 hours of support each month. However, we have no way to monitor how many hours a client used. It would be great to put in support plans and assign a client to a support package. Then it can notify them and us when they are within an hour of using all of their hours.

In doing some research I found that this is a feature in other support systems, and our clients complain to us all of the time about this lack of feature.

Here’s an example:

Otherwise, great product!


Thanks Brandon. This is an interesting idea, we’ll look into further.

You could do some helpful things with automation rules, but nothing exactly like this. Especially tracking hours.

If it’s something you need sooner it would probably be fairly easy to put together with the API, not sure if you have developers there with time to work on that sort of thing though.


Unfortunately we don’t have the developers to do this. Unfortunately its been something that we have been banging our heads against and our lead support agent is proposing that we switch software due to this. My argument is to stay because of so many other powerful pieces! I would be interested to know how close we could come to this though - my thinking may not be in the right frame of mind.


Well in some cases this information is already stored in another system. Usually a CRM or ecommerce. So you could get counts and such from that with Live Lookup.

Another idea is you could run Live Lookup against HelpSpot itself and query HS using the API to get the counts for incidents over a certain timespan for a customer. Live Lookup also does other things like inserting customer ID’s and names for you.