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Feature Request - Two Factor Authentication

Been using HelpSpot for several years now in a few different industries with confidential data requirements. It would be great to see two factor authentication added as many security guidelines are requiring it nowadays. A TOTP such as Google Authenticator would be perfect and easy to implement. Hope it comes in v5!

In HelpSpot 5 it will be possible to indirectly achieve this by using SAML authentication if you have a service you can authenticate against. However, the underlying open source framework HelpSpot uses will be adding built in two factor authentication later this summer. Once that happens we’ll be able to add it directly to HelpSpot’s built in authentication so it won’t be too long a wait on this one.

Great to hear. Thanks Ian. Will this include support for Blackbox or LDAP authentication as well?

The built in two factor would work with blackbox and LDAP, but just a slight asterisk that it isn’t built yet so you never know until we get in there with the new framework features and be sure how everything works.

Looking forward to it one day!