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Feature Request: Web Service API - Is Latest Version


I would just like to add a feature request to the web service API in which we can get some sort of information back about whether or not the current helpspot installation is at the latest version or not.

We would like to develop a nagios plugin to monitor when updates come out. We have already developed one for telling us whether our inbox has over 10 unassigned tickets. Of course, this is just a request


Hi Phillip,

The API can already give you the version the installation is running and then you can check this URL to see the latest release HelpSpot



Oh nice!

How do you get the helpspot version with the api? I tried this: /api/index.php?method=version, but I think it is returning the api version and not the helpspot verion.

I currently have 3.2.12 installed, and when I make the “/api/index.php?method=version” api call I get the following:

1.5 1.0

Also, thanks for the url text file to see what the latest release is!


Here’s the nagios plugin, fyi:

Thank you for your help!


The amazon link seems not to be working anymore? (fyi)


Bah, yeah that had to change with the big upgrade we’re doing for HelpSpot 4 and HelpSpot Cloud. I updated the URL above.

You’ll need to update your Nagios plugin. Thanks for posting it!!


Awesome! Thanks Ian! I have updated the plugin.