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Feature Requests: "new request" alerts per category. API request lookup by customer ID


First, thanks for the great product and the great support you provide. I have some feature requests. Perhaps these are requests that can be

  1. We have two distinct support categories with separate specialized staff. When a new request comes in, it is categorized depending on either the POP email address that is is pulled from, or a drop-down menu on the web form. We rely heavily on email notifications of new requests, as we aren’t waiting for support requests full-time, and have BlackBerries to keep us up-to-date. However, the default “Notify on unassigned new requests” applies to all requests. This creates a lot of white noise in our inboxes. Is there a way to have automatically categorized requests only notify the members of that category? If not, this is a feature that we would use.

  2. Our customers aren’t identified by their full email address, but rather, their domain. That is, a user doing a lookup of their request history should be able to see all of the requests that have been submitted for their organization. I was looking at the API to build a solution for this, but it doesn’t appear that we can do a request lookup based on customer ID (their domain). I suppose this would be possible with some custom SQL queries?

Again, thanks for the support and the growing feature list.



Hi Thomas,

Thanks! Great to hear you like it.

  1. A dedicated setting for this would be a possibility, we’ll look into it. In the meantime you can do this via an alternate method.

Uncheck the generic notify on unassigned setting.

Create a new status (in Admin->Settings) for “active - notification sent”.

Next, create an automation rule that’s for:

  • open/closed is open
  • assigned to is unassigned
  • category is X
  • status is active

Set the actions to email Bob, email Thomas, email Sally, etc. and an action to change the status to “active - notification sent”.

Set the rule to run every minute ( and you should be all set. That status stuff keeps you from getting an email every minute. It will only send it once then the status won’t match just active.

  1. Yes, you can set it up to be by customer ID (if you mean the customer history list in the portal). That setting is in Admin->Settings->Portal. This will only work though if you insert the ID (domain in your case) in the actual customer ID field in HelpSpot. If not, you 'd need to whip up your own solution with SQL probably.