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Feature requests related to ticket closing


Couple of requests related to closing/closed tickets:

  1. Email on request close: Would like to have an email sent out when the request is closed, with a template I can define. Basically to inform the customer that the request has been closed, and make sure they agree that it’s resolved.

  2. Filter on closed: Would like to be able to filter based on closed date, filters such as “Closed in last 24 hours”.

  3. Relative filters: this applies to open and close date, I would like to be able to filter based on relative dates (within last 1 day or between 1 and 7 days ago, etc).


Thanks for the ideas.

  1. We’ll consider this, however, we general try to avoid sending emails without explicit confirmation from the staff member since there may be some requests where it’s obvious that the request is over or other reasons why you may not want the email sent. What about adding a predefined response that you use when closing requests? Emails are still sent on close if they’re public.

2 + 3. Like both of these ideas. I’ve added them to our future features list.


Good suggestion on #1, we’ll try that.

One other request related to 2+3: can you make it optional for Urgent requests to be sorted to the top, so we can build a filter where Urgent calls are sorted in with the rest of the calls?


Yep, this is already on the list. No planned release date but it’s coming.