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Feature Suggestion: Auto Convert to Cap


I have this implemented on my helpspot and it works great.

Basically works like this. If someone fills out the form and they do not put a cap on the first letter of their first name, I have it so it will automatically converts the first letter to a Cap. This way when any auto emails go out, and you have ##CUSTOMERFIRST## included in it, it will have a capital first letter in their name.

Instead of
Hello name,
It will change it to read
Hello Name,

Probably have it so it does it on the last name as well if you wish.
Just looks a little more professional.


Great idea Scott. It gets a little tricky to build that in only because in some places it shouldn’t be capitalized potentially but I think for the most part it would be appropriate. Certainly a nice little addition and something we’ll give more consideration to as well.