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Few Questions


Hi Help Spot,

I’m currently trialing the system at the moment but I’ve got a few questions about the software I was hoping you could answer.

I’m trialing the hosted solution at the moment and there seems to be a 10-20 minute delay between sending and recieving of tickets, is this just because I am using a trial system or is this how fast the hosted solution works? In which case we would probably host the system ourselfs, do you have the server requirements for the software and services required to run Help Spot.

Also, if we were to pay for a 5 users license and then had new employees join, could we then extend to a 10 user license? or would we need to take out


Hi Jonathan,

There’s probably some delay in our hosted trail, but that is not a production system so your hosted solution (if you go that route) is far far more powerful. Generally email comes in every minute.

You can add users at any time, though to get the discount associated with 10 you must by 10 as a pack. You can add single licenses or packs at any time so if you purchased 5 and needed 5 more all at once you could purchase another 5 pack for instance.


Hi Ian,

I glad to hear that the fully licensed version is faster yet still I only just recieved an email informing me that I have a revieced a reply (2 hours, 26 minutes)

The licenses sound good though, thank you for the infomation about that.


Hi Jonathan,

I wonder if it’s something on your servers end because we have no reports of slow email deliver from this account and have been rapidly communicating with other customers all day.


Doesn’t look like anything our end, I receive the emails through outlook fine but when the go through help spot it seem to take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to arrive. I’ve also noticed that they seem to come in bulks, for example I won’t receive anything for 20 minutes, then 3 emails will come in together


Hi there, I have a couple questions in regards to some things that we have experienced in our use of HelpSpot.

1.) Is it possible to have HelpSpot “guesstimate” the email address that you choose to send the request to? Ie. In email applications if you have an address in your address book, and you begin to type the persons name or email address it begins to autopopulate the field and guesses who you are sending it to vs. having to select an email address from the address book.

2.) When you send an external email, it holds onto any email addresses that the original poster CC’d and includes them on the email unless you cross them out. Our information is quite private and sensitive and I was wondering if there was a way to stop HelpSpot from including CC’s on External Posts that were sent from the Public (original) request?

3.) Just today we realized that if a client adds to text to a previous email of ours, eg. if we asked them questions in our last email and they answer the questions IN our last email beside the questions, their responses do not come through on HelpSpot. Only what they typed in the the new area comes through. Is there a way to correct this?

Thank for any help you are able to provide.


Hi Melissa,

1- That’s not currently possible, but it’s something we’ll look into

2- We’re making a few changes in that area for a future release, we’ll take a look.

3- I’m not 100% clear on this. Do you mean if they reply inline within your text that doesn’t come back? If so yes because by default the system has the ‘reply above’ line where any text below is not kept (as the system has no way to know what is what).

You could turn off reply above by remove the reply above placeholders in the public notes to customers email template and then the system won’t truncate it.


Thank you for your quick reply. Could you please tell me where I can find the “public notes to customers email template”?



Great piece of software, I’m really liking it. I got the go ahead from my boss to get the download version up and running, once we confirm that works in our environment we can purchase.

I have it up and running but I have a few questions:

1.) Is there anyway to delete a request and have it be removed from reporting completely (e.g. all the test requests I’m making)?

2.) When I do a live lookup and click the magnifying glass it brings me back to the request page. I’ve updated it with the patch (bug #224) but it still doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tested on machines that have never logged into helpspot as well. We don’t use customer number in our environment, not sure if that could be an issue.

3.) Is there anyway to start requests at 1 instead of 12400?

4.) Is there anyway to disable the forum?

In case it helps I’m running CentOS with helpspot ioncube v3.1.7


Ignore the forum question (#4). I realized if we don’t create any forums then the end user doesn’t see any.


Ignore #1 as well. I didn’t realize I had requests that were closed that were contributing to the reports.


Hi Josiah,

  1. The patch should fix this, perhaps it’s cached in a proxy server? We’re putting out a new release in a few days with an included fix which should resolve it.

  2. In your database you could run the command appropriate for the database type to renumber the auto incrementing ID of HS_Request.xRequest. You could end up with some oddness though since there are already requests with higher numbers in there, so generally I wouldn’t recommend it.



Thanks for the info.

2.) I don’t have a proxy server setup here. I’ve been working with Rebecca, it’s an odd issue, not really sure what is going on. I sent her a few screenshots. The only thing I could think of is I’m missing an extension. For instance I had to install the GD Library in PHP so thumbnails would work, I couldn’t find that in any docs though.

Hopefully the new version will fix the issue I’m having. I will let you know.


No, that’s not related to any extensions. However, in the next day or two they’ll be a new release out which should fix it for you as it’s a full version release so no matter what is caching it it will be fixed.


The 3.1.8 update fixed the live lookup issue - thanks!