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File system permissions


I’ve just moved my attachments out of the database to the file system but are having difficulty with file permissions.

New inbound attachments are being created with the wrong filesystem user - it’s using my own linux userid, not the web server userid.

Where does HelpSpot get its permissions from when creating a new file? How do I get it to create files using more appropriate permissions?


HelpSpot will be acting as the web server user or the user fcgi runs as in your setup. So it will need to be something in the web server configuration that will need to be adjusted.


it’s very strange - none of my other websites on the same machine exhibit this behaviour - they all write files as the web server user as expected


Hmm. HelpSpot uses the standard PHP file writing stuff. We’ll research on our end as well, but this isn’t an issue we’ve seen before. I’ll update here if we find anything.