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Files in knowledgebooks


Is there any reason I can’t upload a file in a kb page? Javascript is enabled, using the wysiwyg editor, and I don’t see a setting to disable it in the Settings section.


No you should be able to upload files. What’s happening when you try? Are you uploading an image in the wysiwyg or a file under “Downloads”? The most common reason for trouble is if you’re uploading something large and your servers configuration can’t handle it. The variable information at the URL below can help you fix that. It talks about email, but the same variables affect uploads. Other variables to look at would also be max post in the php.ini.


I’ve changed the memory_limit in php.ini and restarted httpd, still not able to upload the file. It’s a 6 meg pdf, the memory limit is 50mb (recently set) and the post_max_size is 8mb.

When I select the file (it’s stored locally, not on a network drive) and click Save, the page refreshes with any other changes intact, but no file.

I’ve tried from Firefox 2.0, IE6, and the same set of browsers on another computer.


Changing the size limits (and restarting apache) did not fix the problem.

When I try to add a file, I do the following:

  1. Edit the page
  2. Click “Add a File”
  3. Choose “Browse” and select the file (6meg pdf, memory limit is set to 50megs)
  4. Click “Save Changes”

When this happens, the page refreshes and displays any other changes I have made, but no file is attached.

I could manually add it to the database, but I can’t find the location of uploaded documents.


I wouldn’t add it manually. Did you check the other variable there for MySQL if you’re using that. Also check the max post size variable and max upload size variables in the PHP ini. If those are not bigger than the file you’re trying to upload then it won’t work.


Turns out it was the max upload size variable set to 2megs. Thanks!