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Filter Administration Question


In your Helpspot manual it says that only an Administrator or the assigned creator can edit an existing filter. It looks to me as though Administrator access to edit filters is limited. For example as administrator there are lots of filters I can’t even see in the list, so I can’t select them to edit them. This might be a problem if the person who created these filters leaves as who can then update these filters or even see what criteria the filters are using?

The filters I can’t see in our system consist of filters created by individuals and made available to specific permission groups. Is there any way for an Administrator to view, edit, or do any other maintenance on these filters in the absence of the person who created them. On another point, suppose we don’t know who created a filter, how would we know who to ask to update a filter or let us know what criteria that filter uses?


Hi Richard,

Currently there’s no master list for you to access. You could see this information in the database, but adding who created would be an interesting idea for a future release.