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Filter display counts and permissions


We have Global Filters in place and I enable the “Display count in Workspace”. However, we seem to have an issue with this not updating until the filter is clicked on. I’m curious if it’s messed up because of permissions. For instance, I have four categories and people are assigned only to their category. So one person may click on _All Open and see 8 tickets and someone else sees 58. For each person though, the count doesn’t update properly until they click on the filter.

Any remedy for this? The count was supposed to be an easy way to see what tickets were open at a location without needing to cycle through all 18.



Currently the count cache is not per-user, so permissions could throw that count off. It also only refreshes every 5 minutes or so, but you could modify that setting in HS_Settings table by changing the value of the cHD_FILTER_COUNT_CACHE row.

Whenever anyone views the filter the count is also updated since we have to retrieve the results to show the page anyway.

It’s hard to say without knowing the exact situation but with people having different permissions it might be better to organize your filters differently. To have a set for each group which will then make more sense. It may also be possible to consolidate the number of different filters you need, but that’s of course highly dependent on what you’re doing.

For example, sometimes you can remove some filter by using the grouping option in filters to group on a value rather than have a separate filter for each variation.


I guess I said permission, but the actual differentiation between users is their category permissions (versus permission groups). So I can’t actually set permissions based on category for the filter.

Would it make sense to create a permission group for each category, then create filters for each category and give permission to the corresponding permission group? (Assuming I assign people to the permission group associated with their category.) Would there be any reason this wouldn’t work? Other than my administrator account, but I can deal with that.


Right, you have the limit to assigned categories permission set I assume.

It doesn’t have to be one filter per category, like if you have some people that are in a few for example. However, you could do one per or whatever grouping makes sense. Also, if you’re not on version 4 yet, v4 has the option to associate multiple permission groups per filter vs currently it can only be one permission group per filter.

Version 4 is in beta, but fairly stable.