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Filter for attachments



Sorry if this is really obvious and has already been answered somewhere (really can’t find it), but is it possible to search for tickets that have attachments.

Thanks and please be gentle - I’m a newbie so could have missed something really simple!



Actually that’s not currently possible, at least directly. You can add a custom WHERE SQL condition to your filter though and use this:

xRequest IN (SELECT xRequest FROM HS_Request_History WHERE xRequest = HS_Request_History.xRequest AND HS_Request_History.xDocumentId > 0)

This is just off the top of my head and may be slow on large installations but should work.


That’s great Ian, works a treat - narrows my searches down quite a bit. Thank you for taking the time.

For the information of others wanting the same, I have found that the resultant recordset includes tickets where the query has been e-mailed to us by customers who have graphics in their signatures.



Yes, it will match any attachments which essentially those are (when the image is actually attached and not just referencing a URL)