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Filter Relative Days Option and Mon-Sun work week


It would be nice if on the filter option which has preset values I could choose what I think would be called relative days.

This would allow me to set other periods of time more flexibility.
I can then have today - yesterday - 2 days ago to 7 days ago - or whatever I choose.

Mon-Sun work week would be nice. I think the sun-sat is more of a usa thing than a uk thing.


Hi Mark,

I’m a little confused by your question, but I believe we have what you’re looking for. Under the time conditions it’s called “relative date since opened” and “relative date since closed” which do exactly what you describe.

Or are you aware of this and would like for it to let you set the timeframe, like an open field to enter 5 days into or 12 days into, etc?


I am very new to helpspot but have made the jump from trial to license within just a few days - very impressed. Normally quite happy with open source but this was just to good.

I have a bit of a policy that when i start using new software that I think is going to become part of my set up and if I feel those in control of it are responsive to comments (which you/helpspot are) to try and give early impressions and ideas before what happens is that you become used to the software and just starting living around it and no longer have that freshness to think why is this not possible or why on earth do they do it like that.

Now I have very nearly started using the software in the real world I shall just build up my comments and after a month or so email you any that I still think are still worth offering.

Back to the original subject - but the above puts it into context a bit - I was aware and am using it for today and yesterday. Nice.

What if I wanted 3 days ago. How could this be set up?
I was trying to get mon-sunof this week displayed as separate days.
And a work week of say last week but running mon - sun.
Have I missed a trick?
I could not see how I would do it with minutes.


Thanks Mark!! Certainly looking forward to seeing your comments.

There’s not a direct way to do a variable number of days currently. That’s a good idea though and I have it down to take a look at for a future release.

I’ve also put down to look at a mon-sun work week option.

You can certainly supply date ranges via the “opened before/after date” options but those are hard coded so they’re not that useful for ongoing tracking. Minutes since opened would work in regards to your 3 days back (or other number of days back) filter though. You would do minutes since opened, less than 4320 (or use the calculator button to find another range)