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Filtering based on "drill down list" custom field


Hi Ian,

I was thinking of using a drill-down custom field to track projects - with the project being the top-level item and the sub-items being the areas within the project. However I noticed if you create a filter, you have to specify a value for every level within the drop-down custom field.

Would it be possible to consider in a filter, allowing the blank sub-level(s) of the drill-down field to act as a wild card search and return everything “underneath” the chosen parent levels? That would be quite powerful if used correctly :slight_smile:



Hi Andrew,

That’s exactly how drill down filters work now and it is very powerful indeed! If it’s not working for you it’s likely because you need to select “begins with” rather than “is” which is the default. “is” will match an exact partial selection, begins with matches everything that matches up to that level.

Multiple global filter folders is likely on the way, but probably not until version 3.