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Filtering by "Sent To" field?


I’ve added our email address to several distribution lists. For most of them, my team is 100% responsible for answering. However, there are a couple distribution lists that my team is only responsible for one “subject” that comes into that address, or is responsible for all but one “subject” that comes in.

For example, my team is on a distribution list but the only one my team responds to always has a subject of “SALES ORDER SUBMITTED”. I would like to set up a rule that if it comes to and it’s subject is anything other than “SALES ORDER SUBMITTED” that it goes to the trash.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


You can do this with a mail rule. Something like this:



Thank you for replying! I do not know how I missed that the first time around.

Is there a way where I can do a AND & OR?


Or do I have to split it into two separate rules?