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Filtering ##CATEGORY## Template Tag


Hi Ian,

My company is currently using 2 main categories e.g. Customer Service (Product) and IT Department for filtering emails to be sent around to staff.

The problem seen in Admin > Tools > Modify Email Templates is that I’m unable to determine the template tag e.g. ##CATEGORY## straight away. I’m just wondering if there’s any possibilities of obtaining the value and compare it to filter and show a different image for either of the category?

I’ve tried this but I don’t think it works:

If ##CATEGORY ## == “Customer Service” Then
’Show Image A
’Show Image B
End If

How can I get this to work and customise the display sent via email for the type of information required to show the staff?


Hi Daniel,

Currently there’s not logic in the templates so you can’t do what you describe. Adding some simple if/else type logic is something we’re considering.

In the meantime what about making it more prominent, for instance put the category in the subject line or in red text at the top of the email.


Hi Ian,

Thanks, guess we have to do a workaround for now
Yeap, a category has been placed on top of the Subject header to differentiate and help filter emails going to different respective staff.