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Flag or label an email?


Hi everyone - often times I’ll open an email, then realize after reading it I’d rather not deal with it right now but later when I have more time. Is there a recommended way to flag / label an email in my inbox queue so that I know where it is later?

(I’m thinking along the lines of how flagging in OS X’s works)


Hi Todd,

In your “My Queue” you can flag a request as unread (the green flag). So let’s say you see the green flag and read the request. You then go back to the workspace and the green flag is gone. However, you can click the box where the green flag was (and the replied arrow is if you’ve replied) and turn it back to the green flag. So it will keep it marked as unread for you.


Hi Ian. True, although let’s say you have a 100 items in your queue. Some with flags, some without. Considering how tight the vertical height of each row is, it makes it difficult to find which email you just “left”, if that makes sense. I constantly say to myself…wait…which email was that again?


True, having a mark unread button on the request page is something we’re looking at adding.