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FogBugz Conversion


Hi Ian,

As you might remember we are moving from FogBugz to HelpSpot. I seem to have one last hurdle that I need a little assistance with. When I switch over, I’m going to have a bunch of user that still have an old FogBugz email with (Case nnn) in the subject who are going to reply to those emails and HelpSpot is going to create a brand new issue from them. Is there any way with automation rules or mailbox rules that I can accepts the old FB format (Case nnn) and the HS format {nnn} in the subject line. It’d rather not have to manually merge the request if at all possible.


I don’t think there’s a way to get them back on track directly via HelpSpot. Some mail servers can be scripted, it may be possible to transform (case nnn) to {nnn} on the mail server itself, but I’m not sure how tricky that will be to pull off.

Of course you should try to do the switch when you have the least number of open requests. Maybe a Sunday or something like that. I’m sure they’ll be some stragglers for a few weeks of course.

One thing you can do is create a mail rule in HS so that any emails which come in with (Case in the subject line get a special status. Maybe something like “From Fogbugz” or something like that. This way you can have a filter for them and quickly see when a request comes in which needs to be merged and get it merged right away.


Ok, I figured those might be my only options.

I tested out another scenario and I think it might work for us. We are using this internally and have about 150 open requests right now.

I created an automation rule that filters all open requests that were submitted by email. The action is to email the user and remind them of the current status of their request along with a request to use this email for any further communications.


That’s a good idea, others have done similar with pretty good results. It’s always going to be a bit messy and a few users probably won’t listen, but you should get most of them that way.