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Format of dtGMTOpened dtGMTClosed


I’m new to this, so its very possible I missed something.

I’m building some queries using the API to build a SLA monitor.
The problem I’m hitting, is that the values returned in dtGMTOpened and dtGMTClosed are just dates.
They dont include the time part, which is needed for doing the proper math.
I’m getting the same results no matter the output format.

Is there a way to make it give me the full value? Even a rendered one is fine, I dont need the raw linux timestamp.


The timestamps do return down to the second, perhaps the format you’re using the parse them isn’t including the time info formatting? However, in the API there’s a flag in most methods to return parsed dates instead of timestamps. Make sure fRawValues = 0 and that should return the dates parsed out.


ahha, sending fRawValues=1 fixed it. i’m getting timestamps now. thanks!


ah, ok the reverse. great!