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Forum Categories


Is it possible to categorize the forum topics (General, Tips&Tricks, Installation, …)?
I found no such feature inside the admin and this forum is lacking the feature too, which is a bit sad because I like the simplicity of the forum.

Would this be possible by some kind of customization (php-code)? Is there any documentation about that?



I don’t think it would be possible to categorize directly. However, you can certainly have multiple forums if that’s what you’re looking for. So you could have 3 forums, one for General, one for Tips/Tricks and Installation.

If you wanted to categorize you could do it in the naming. So General:Installation, General:Tips, etc.

We probably should break it up here as well. Using a single forum is nice when you’re starting the forum community as it fills up quickly and makes it feel like there’s more people there than having 10 forums with posts spread out over them.