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Forum feature request - better management of posts


Hi - we really love HelpSpot at Perch however if there is one thing that would make our lives easier it would be if forum posts could be treated a bit more like tickets in terms of how we manage them.

We encourage users to post to the forum if they have a “How do I…?” request. This means that those requests are then searchable and become a source of knowledge for other people. However we want to place the same priority on those posts as we do support tickets. So we want to get back to people quickly. The issue is that it is very difficult to see who is answering a post and even if a post has been answered at all.

A typical scenario where we fail to spot a post is where the user posts, then replies to their own post. In the list that post then looks like it has a reply, and we each assume the other has replied to it. Some ability for an official support rep to claim a thread and mark it as done would solve this - even if that is not exposed to users at all and was just an admin thing.


Hi Rachel,

That’s a good idea. We’ll kick that around a bit, thanks!


We often follow the newest posts list on the forums main page to see the recent activity, but this could all be cleaner for sure.