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Forum Posts (this may be a suggestion or I could be doing it wrong)


One of our customers posted a forum entry yesterday, which should have been a request. We picked it up and converted it to a request and handled it normally. However, I have some queries relating to the process…

  1. I cannot find anyway other than RSS of notifying users of new forum requests, so this customer did not get our usual wonderful service.

  2. The forum post remained. I deleted it today but it would have been better if it had done one of two alternatives;
    a) Removed the forum post (or asked if I wanted to, at least) when converted to a request) or
    b) Updated the forum posts with the associated request updates.

  3. The customer replied today, thanking us for fixing the issue. However, she did so by adding to the forum post. It would be useful to have an option to merge a forum post into an existing request, with the same options as #2 above. As it is, I converted it to a request, then merged the request (not before it had sent a confirmation e-mail to the customer, of course).




Hi Jamie,

The convert feature doesn’t presume you won’t update the forum post which is where the confusion is coming in I think. It presumes you will at least update the post at the end with a resolution (other customers may already have seen it in the forum).

I’ve put down these suggestions though for consideration in a future release as well.