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##forward:true## is not working with Outlook


Hello Helpspot Team

The forwarding of Emails which came directly into our mailbox to the supportmailbox is a great feature! Sadly it does not work with outlook… so we can’t use it.

Can you please support such a often used program? We would be very thankful!

Best regards.


Hi Patrick,

Check that your Outlook is forwarding the quoted header properly. It can only work when it can detect the from email. In some configurations Outlook will forward it not as but as and it isn’t able to parse that mailto format.

Also, sometimes the email address isn’t included at all and it just says FROM: Name with no email. It can’t work then either as it needs the email in the quoted headers.


Hi Ian

I don’t know of any setting to change the behavior of how outlook forwards emails.
I thought this is standard, where should I check and change that?

Best regards.


I haven’t been able to find docs on it. Perhaps it’s an Outlook version thing, though I think that’s unlikely. That mailto should not be in there. It could perhaps be quoting an HTML email in a text only reply?


Hello Ian

I justed tested the forward function from my mobile phone, where the forward looks like this: (without mailto: in front…)

Subject: Test ##forward:true##


Test des forwarding tags.

Anfang der weitergeleiteten E Mail:
Von: Andrea
Datum: 26. November 2014 11:40:31 MEZ
An: Patrick
Betreff: CC-User
Hallo Patrick, nach interner Überprüfung habt ihr schon

It did not take Andrea as sender… it completly ignores the forward funciton, so it’s also not working from other devides, not only outlook. This function really needs to be looked at.

Thanks for checking it out!

Best regards.


Thanks Patrick. It’s on the list for review so we’ll try to get it fixed up. I think this may be something a little different (though with the same result). We’ll take a look.


Thanks Ian! It’s a real great feature which no other Helpdesk System had we tested so far. It would be just great to be able to forward emails to the helpdesk system. :wink:

Have a great day!