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Forwarded tickets to system not populating data


When we have a staff member who gets an email in via outlook, they forward to our help email address. I was expecting Helpspot to auto fill in the email from the original sender along with the F/L name. What it is doing is putting in firstname@ So an email from me that was forwarded into the ticket system would show in the email field : brandon@ and no other information populated.

Any insight on how to resolve this so it can populate the information as well as send the standard auto response?



Hi Brandon,

The firstname@ bug can be fixed by applying the patch for bug 561 found here:

If HelpSpot can’t determine the proper original from person (because the forwarding mail client doesn’t include the information in a known format) then the forwarders information will be used as with older version of HelpSpot.

In version 2.6 coming out soon, an explicit tag will need to be added to the subject line for HelpSpot to treat an email as forwarded.


What information is needed in the original? I had this working then changed my mail server and now every forwarded mail picks up the forwarder’s information…


The original needs to contain a mail header in the quoted (forwarded) part that has from: and after from: a valid email format. So:

from: ian landsman

the main problem is usually that the mail client does this:

from: ian landsman

and doesn’t give the email so HelpSpot has no way to know the email address.



"From: James Robson -
To: support@
Subject: FW: Temperature Log on the Web

From: Ronnie Miles [mailto:RonnieMiles@*************] <<<<< this bit
Sent: 22 January 2009 10:06
To: James Robson
Cc: John Watson
Subject: FW: Temperature Log on the Web
Importance: High"

Should have picked up the mailto part of the original? In which case, I suspect that I have a deeper issue.


No, in this case it is creating an invalid forward. Looks like a forward of an HTML email with an HTML mailto: in it. If that bit was:

from: Ronnie Miles

Then you’d be good.


Any chance of a patch to allow it to parse this sort of thing?