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Forwarding Emails Picking Up The Original Senders Address


This was discussed in this recently closed thread

I have tried “everything” to get this working right down to entering the data - as outlined in the thread above - manually at the start of an email and then sending in plain text so as if recreating a forwarded message - but each time it picks up the sender and not the forwarding part.

Is there anything else that could be stopping this working?

In case it matters this testing was done using Thunderbird.

One suggestion for poster in the earlier thread is that they could try - and it should work - setting up another email account - within their email client - that is for the address that is normally forwarded to. The drag the email across to this account where it will be picked up and the from address will be that of the sender.

If a POP3 account then the email client needs to be set up so that it does not POP emails from the account.

I have only tried it with Thunderbird and IMAP and with a different program but it worked fine.


Sorry thinking about this it would have to be an IMAP account or the email would be local to the email client/machine.


This feature is based on what your email client sends. Unfortunately the email specification has no built in standard for this so no headers are sent with the information. Instead, HelpSpot looks through the body of the email and attempts to figure it out. Normally this info is obtained from the header in the body most mail clients insert, something like:

FROM: Ian Landsman

However, if your mail client is not inserting that or is not inserting it completely (just a name, no email) then HelpSpot has no way to know who the original sender was.

Also, what you link to is a bit old. Currently, to make HelpSpot accept a forward you must add this to your subject or body in the forward:


More information here:


Ah ha.

Sorted and working - thanks.