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Forwarding images and using search to find cases by searching e-mail subjects



I’m currently evaluating HelpSpot and have a couple of questions.

  1. Images that are mailed to HelpSpot doesn’t show up in the editor when you quote or forward a previous note. I’ve also noticed that when you forward a note with images, the images are removed from the e-mail body, and added as attachments (which breaks the consistency of the content). When quoting a note, images are removed completely. Is it possible to fix this, or will it be fixed in a future release of HelpSpot?

  2. Search doesn’t work for e-mail subjects. Let’s say that I get an email with the subject: “HelpSpot doesn’t work” and “How can I fix this?” in the body, search doesn’t return any results for “helpspot”. This makes it difficult to search the history of “HelpSpot” cases. Is it possible to add a fulltext index to the subject field in the request table, or is this something that has to be included in the search function itself?


Hi Richard,

  1. Due to several technical factors it’s very difficult to leave the images inline. It’s something we’re looking into but we don’t have a timeframe for when such a feature might be implemented.

  2. The full text history search doesn’t search them, but you can explicitly search it under Search->Advanced Search and select the email subject condition.

What you might want to look at though is using reporting tags to categorize requests more deeply as using search to find a history of a type of issue is much less accurate than having staff categorize requests accurately initially.