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From Email on Request Updates



We noticed when someone marks the Send email from on a request as Do not send email, there’s nowhere marked in the system that the from email was changed to that and the public note looks like an email was sent. Is there a way to build a trigger or rule that when someone does that, we can insert a private note that nothing was actually sent.



Right now the best way to tell if it was sent or not is to see if there is a set TO portion in the top section of a public message. Here’s a screenshot of one sent and one not sent:

A message right now cannot be changed to private except through the interface - in fact, I don’t believe the web API can do this either.

One possible but more complex solution would be to setup a trigger that would send every update to a request push. The Request Push script could try to detect if the message was public but not emailed and then convert it to a private request by directly updating the database. (That might not be worth the trouble, however).