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Full Index search - I broke it!


I already read this post, but it only helped so much: Full text data search stopped working after update

I’m running HelpSpot on Windows with MSSQL. Full-Index search wasn’t working, so I made sure the Full-indexes were built in SQL, then I ran sphinx_init.bat to build the conf file and re-index the database. No glory. So in looking on the sphinx.conf file, I see this at the end:

listen = 9312
listen = 9306:mysql41

Shouldn’t that be different for mssql?

A little background: I migrated from MySQL to MSSQL and this is the only thing broken after the conversion.



The search {} section there should stay as it is - That tells SphinxSearch engine to listen on port 9312 and it’s Client (which uses the mysql protocol, but is not myql) to listen on 9306. That part is a little confusing - you can actually connect to it using a mysql client and run sql-like queries against it - however that particular setting has nothing specific to SphinxSearch connecting to your SqlServer to index its content.

The first thing I’d do in this case is re-generate your sphinx.conf file.

On windows, that would look something like these two commands:

cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\helpspot"
..\php\php.exe -c ..\php\php.ini hs search:config

Then run your sphinx_init.bat and see if you get any FATAL errors. Try running it twice, actually, as the first time might hit some errors (although some are expected the first run).

If you open up the spinx_init.bat file you might see a few commands being run - you can try running one command specifically, the one that is similar to indexer.exe -c "path/to/sphinx.conf" --all --rotate.

Viewing the output of that should give us some clues to see if there are any additional issues. If you want to email us the output of that, we can take a closer look! (