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Full text search index not updating



I have a 4.0.30 HelpSpot installation using MySQL and running on windows. We upgraded from 3.2.12 to 4.0.30 in early June. The full text search feature works but appears to only return results for tickets created prior to when the upgrade happened. I’m wondering if there’s a reindexing task not working or something. I confirmed that the Windows tasks are running without error. Where do I start to troubleshoot this?


Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi there,
You will want to look at your Windows Scheduled Tasks. Check that you have a main and small sphinx indexing task created and that they are running successfully. The installer should have set those up for you, but it sounds like they may not be running properly.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for the response. There are two HelpSpot scheduled tasks (helpspot_tasks and helpspot_tasks2). Both appear to be running successfully. Are you saying there should be an additional task for Sphinx?


I’m not sure where to go with this. Is there a way to manually re-index?


I know we are conversing via email about this, but for those who may happen on upon this thread:

It sounds like your sphinx scheduled tasks are not set up properly. You will need to go into your task scheduler and create these two tasks: The “main” task is a full reindex that should run once a day by calling this action The small index can be run every 5-10 minutes


Ahhhhhhh, that’s so much better. Thank you very much!

Justin Falk
OnePacs, LLC