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Future Enhancement Suggestions


1.) Sort of My Queue, Inbox and Trash to maintain its state until it’s changed again by the user. This way, I can get do the oldest tickets first without having to continuously scroll to the bottom of the page.

2.) When viewing ticket in Modal window, provide the ability to choose to display images. That way, if someone isn’t sure whether the e-mail is legitimate until it’s viewed, images aren’t immediately displayed.

3.) Icon on My Queue list to indicate whether the e-mail has an attachment.

4.) When responding or sending to an external e-mail address, the “from” e-mail address should be defaulted to the e-mail address that the original e-mail was sent to. This is good for mailboxes with multiple aliases.

5.) The categories in the Category Breakdown at the bottom of the My Queue page should link to a page that displays only the tickets in that category.


Nix suggestion 5. I’m still testing out your software and the filters are adequate.


Thanks for all the ideas Sandra, I’ve noted them for consideration in a future release.

Actually John she means if you have an HTML email that comes in with embedded IMG tags (not attached or inline images). In that case HelpSpot currently strips them so that spammers do not know the email was received and in turn inundate the support account with emails. Some type of view in browser button could be interesting in general though.