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Getting Custom Field Data for Request Push


I’m experimenting around with Custom Fields for a request Push and I was wondering if there is a way to pull their value from the form before the Update button get clicked? It looks like they are not in the array until the ticket gets updated. If my users follow a certain order (set the value, update the ticket, push their comment, close the ticket) I can get the value from the custom field but if they don’t then I’m not able to see it for the push.


There’s not a way to get the data live before submit via a push. There are a few alternatives though.

First, if the data is something that comes out of another system that data could be auto-populated via Live Lookup on request creation via a trigger.Then the data will be there for the push.

Second, You could potentially use Live Lookup instead of a push. Live Lookup will make a call to your URL with data live from the form before submit. So you could have a Live Lookup that actually did an action vs just showing data as it’s normally used.