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Getting Started for user

Hi All

I have recently installed HelpSpot and have access to the admin side of things using the link given during installation,. However, could someone advise how I set up things for the end user to login to Helpspot and create a request etc

Many Thanks

To submit a request the end user should not need to login.

They can either:

  1. Browse to the portal page - usually http:/// (without the “/admin.php”); or
  2. Send an email to the email inbox you have HelpSpot set to monitor.

There is a way to setup an end-user login so they can review past open and closed requests - but that’s not needed to submit a new request.

Many thanks for your reply
Could you advise how to set up end user login ??

Many thanks

See the bottom of this page in the User Guide:

Not setup needed as long as you have entered the user’s email address into the ticket.

Many Thanks

However, could I ask how to set up accounts for end users if that makes sense

Currently, I am unable to allow different users to log to view requests etc

Also could you advise how you went about hosting helpspot ( I have access to servers)
so that helpspot will be accessible from other machines